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I'm finding it difficult to summarize this book without dishonest praise or undeserved criticism. The truth is the story at the heart of the novel is a simple one: a whodunit in space, and a surprisin


gly blinkered story of shunning the Other. The structure of it reminded me of Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, with its rambling passages and none-too-subtle "extracts", which came across to me as the real reason the book existed -- an excuse to world-build.

While there were some wonderfully poetic turns of phrase, and a lot of fascinating assertions on the future of gender and sexuality, the predominance of the novel came off as naval-gazing.

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Guest 10 months ago

you people should try WONDER.

Guest 11 months ago

At first, very interesting and read through all of the lists and "comments". Plot was there, and was advanced fairly well. Towards the last third of the book , I felt I wanted more of the story and less comment. The comments seemed to be less tied into plot line and more "preachy" as though the author couldn't decide how tell the story through the characters. This is one of those "sticks with you" types of books, exploring some fascinating human concepts of possibilities. And no, it was not boring, could have tightened up a bit, though.

Guest a year ago

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Guest a year ago

if im to be quite honest i wasen't a fan.it was rather hard to keep up with and i manadged to get up to a high page but in the end the book just seemed to ramble on and on.not my style of reading. i was not a fan but that doesn't make it terrible

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Guest a year ago

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Guest a year ago

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